If you are a family looking for affordable housing or homelessness prevention resources, see below for some resources that may be of help.

Resources By Community

  • Click here to find resources by selecting your city from the drop down menu.  Resources on this page include emergency shelter, homelessness prevention assistance, housing search, local housing authorities, fuel assistance, case management and weatherization/heating resources.
  • If you are disabled, click here for a list of agencies by community who may be able to provide case management or referrals to resources.

Housing Search and Homelessness Prevention

  • Contact your local Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) to receive information on any housing search and/or homelessness prevention resources they may be able to connect you to. Click here for a listing of the agencies.

Housing Search: Affordable Housing Applications

  • Click here for a list of the Housing Authorities in Massachusetts. Inquire to the cities you are interested in living in about their application process and open wait lists.
  • Click here for a listing of affordable housing developments that are separate from housing authorities.  If you are looking for subsidized rent, where your rent is always calculated at about 30% of your income, make sure to only inquire to the developments that have a check mark in the “PB Subsidy” column.  Inquire to each development to get their application, and to make sure their wait list is open and taking applications.
  • Click here for applications for Section 8 vouchers and Project Based Voucher units.
  • Click here for another Section 8 voucher application, the Centralized S8 application.
  • Click here for applications to state public housing, and state emergency public housing.
  • Click here for the New England HIV Housing Directory