Privacy Policy

Below outlines New Lease’s privacy policy for donors:

Information We Collect

New Lease collects varied personal information from donors when a contribution is made, which includes: name, address, business affiliation, telephone number, email address, the amount of value of the donation and any donor comments. Tax laws in the United States require the Agency to keep contact information and contribution level of donors on file.

Use of Information

New Lease will never publish, sell, trade, rent or share names (unless released for publication), e-mail or mail addresses or telephone numbers of our donors.  New Lease will use contact information (email, telephone number and address) of donors for these purposes only:

*Distribute receipts for donations

*Thanking donors

*Inform donors about upcoming fundraising and other activities of New Lease

*Internal analysis, planning, and record keeping

*Reporting to relevant U.S. and State agencies (these reports are not for public inspection)

*Contact donors about changes to this policy

Properly anonymized donor information is used for promotional and fundraising activities.  Donors may select to have their name publicly associated with their donation.  The default is all donations are not to be publicly announced unless the donor explicitly indicates otherwise.  We list donors in our Annual Report by broad giving categories (unless anonymity is requested), but do not disclose the amount of any individual donor’s single or combined gifts unless required to do so by law.  Comments given in donor forms are published in public lists and may be used in promotional materials while comments sent to us privately via email, fax or telephone are kept strictly confidential, unless expressed consent for its usage is given by the donor.

Financial Information

All access to donor financial information is strictly limited to staff who need to process those data.  No such data are given to any person, organization or group who does not need to access those data, except as directed by the donor or as ordered by court.  In the highly unlikely event of a court order requiring disclosure, any affected donor will be notified in writing prior to the release of any data.  New Lease uses PayPal to process donations made via credit or debit card. Please see PayPal’s privacy policies here.